We're getting married!

July 3, 2015 / Highlands / vancouver island


Our Story

Love at first sIp

We had our first date walking through cook street village sipping soy mocha's and that was it.  Five years later, after some  ups and downs, we realized that we wanted to continue going through this crazy life together. Whatever it may bring. We are so excited to make it official and hope that you all can join in the celebration!


Wedding Details

We're going to have an outdoor ceremony followed by dinner, drinks, and games at Caleb Pike Heritage House. There will be a toonie bar and no ATM close by so please come with your toonies-in-tow. Dress comfortably (semi-formal), and come prepared to dance!


Unfortunately due to capacity limitations we are unable to accommodate kids. 


The "I Do's"

4:30p – 5:00p
Caleb Pike Heritage House
1589 Millstream Road
Highlands, BC

The Afterparty

5:00p – 11:00p
Caleb Pike Heritage House
1589 Millstream Road
Highlands, BC



The weekend is going to be a busy one for travelers so please don't wait too long to book a room!

Hotel zed 

Funky hotel close to downtown Victoria.

They have a 2 bdrm cottage available for those of you looking to save money and are willing to share a space with other family/friends. 

3110 Douglas St 

Victoria, BC

air bnb

Lots of options to choose from and great prices! The good places book up fast! 

Howard Johnson Hotel & Suites Elk Lake

4670 Elk Lake Drive

Victoria, BC
(250) 704 - 4656

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For travelers









Our registry will be up by February 15th